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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rupaul’s Drag Race sponsors transform men into queens

What is on the latest season of Logo TV's Rupaul's Drag Race? Thirteen queens, catty drama, bitchiness, and an amazing example of public relations!

Rupaul, global drag icon and self-proclaimed 'Supermodel of the World,' has made drag more accessible to queens around the country. We now know why drag queens have perfect breasts and where you can order sequins in bulk!

As prizes to the mini-challenges, Logo has teamed up with drag queen suppliers such as and We have all been to drag shows and seen the outfits that the gorgeous queens and always asked the question…


Not only do these sites answer this question, but they also answer the question "and for how much?" Guys that have wanted to venture into drag and haven't known how to do it can go to these online retailers and can easily begin their transformation into the queen they have always wanted to be!

As the mecca of sequins, this website fulfills their mission to help queens "Sparkle, Anytime!" From full length dresses to elaborate wigs with thousands of sequins and beads, this website is the one stop shop that will turn any guy into a glamazonian queen!

From nothing to nothing but breast, provides breast plates that give men the illusion of real breasts. From a c-cup to a j-cup, which is for the most voluptuous of queens, there is a boob plate that is right for everyone. How much would a pair of life-like boobs cost a new queen? About $650.

By providing America with a place to buy beautiful boobs and flamboyant gowns, Rupaul has done her Miss America duty and has made this nation a better place.

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  1. I think that you are Fabulous RuPaul for promoting these items for the queens!
    Betty Dee~Lishous ~