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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Princess Boy becomes icon in acceptance

Remember when you were an 8 years old boy playing with Barbie’s and your mom or dad told you that they should be left for the girls? Thanks to one brave Seattleite and her experiences in parenting, this shouldn’t be happening anymore!

Mother and author, Cheryl Kilodavis, has stepped forward and written a booked called My Princess Boy that defies the social norms that have been hindering parents from letting their kids be themselves. Written as a reflection on her own sons love for wearing dresses and liking the color pink from a young age, this may be the first picture book that teaches parents more about life then a child.

As a heart-warming story about loving each other unconditionally, this book is a breath of refreshing air in a world cluttered with stories of broken homes and poor self esteem among children. It would seem that from all the "you're special" (Thank you Barney) comments that plague American motherhood that uniqueness would be accepted and encouraged. But from the high suicide rates that have been all over the media in recent months, it is clear that differences, especially concerning gender roles and sexuality, are not welcomed.
The affect that this book has had on people, you really must buy it, has spanned the globe. From the Today's Show to Australia's SunriseTV, the importance of acceptance and love is one that needs to be shared with all generations. Young Dyson Kilodavis says it best when asked why he would want to wear a dress, "It makes me feel happy." Isn't that what we all want, to be happy?

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