"Breaking gender norms! Providing the place for boys to put on their party dress and twirl and the place for girls to put on their jockstrap and play!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boys think they're better than girls at math

It would seem that the one place where boys and girls would be one equal footing is at school, but according to a recent University of Washington study, "math is for boys." The gender gap that has been discussed for years, demystified in this Time feature story, may be back!

As early as the second grade, male students are identifying as being confident in their math skills, contrasting the vast about of girls that are saying that math is not their strongest point. The scary part about this study and society is that the skill level that is being tested shows boys and girls at similar skill levels. It is the confidence of these young children and societal thoughts that "math is for boys" that is causing this to happen.

Schools aren't helping boost confidence for girls either. The Augusta, Maine Board of Education unanimously ruled earlier this that it will be separating students in math classes based on the student's gender. Girls will be taking math with girls and boys will be taking math with boys. This separation based on gender will make it seem as though girls cannot be in the same class with boys because their skill level is not up to the same par level.

There is enough gender based stereotypes and discrimination around today, the last place we need it is in the classrooms.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Princess Boy becomes icon in acceptance

Remember when you were an 8 years old boy playing with Barbie’s and your mom or dad told you that they should be left for the girls? Thanks to one brave Seattleite and her experiences in parenting, this shouldn’t be happening anymore!

Mother and author, Cheryl Kilodavis, has stepped forward and written a booked called My Princess Boy that defies the social norms that have been hindering parents from letting their kids be themselves. Written as a reflection on her own sons love for wearing dresses and liking the color pink from a young age, this may be the first picture book that teaches parents more about life then a child.

As a heart-warming story about loving each other unconditionally, this book is a breath of refreshing air in a world cluttered with stories of broken homes and poor self esteem among children. It would seem that from all the "you're special" (Thank you Barney) comments that plague American motherhood that uniqueness would be accepted and encouraged. But from the high suicide rates that have been all over the media in recent months, it is clear that differences, especially concerning gender roles and sexuality, are not welcomed.
The affect that this book has had on people, you really must buy it, has spanned the globe. From the Today's Show to Australia's SunriseTV, the importance of acceptance and love is one that needs to be shared with all generations. Young Dyson Kilodavis says it best when asked why he would want to wear a dress, "It makes me feel happy." Isn't that what we all want, to be happy?

Rupaul’s Drag Race sponsors transform men into queens

What is on the latest season of Logo TV's Rupaul's Drag Race? Thirteen queens, catty drama, bitchiness, and an amazing example of public relations!

Rupaul, global drag icon and self-proclaimed 'Supermodel of the World,' has made drag more accessible to queens around the country. We now know why drag queens have perfect breasts and where you can order sequins in bulk!

As prizes to the mini-challenges, Logo has teamed up with drag queen suppliers such as and We have all been to drag shows and seen the outfits that the gorgeous queens and always asked the question…


Not only do these sites answer this question, but they also answer the question "and for how much?" Guys that have wanted to venture into drag and haven't known how to do it can go to these online retailers and can easily begin their transformation into the queen they have always wanted to be!

As the mecca of sequins, this website fulfills their mission to help queens "Sparkle, Anytime!" From full length dresses to elaborate wigs with thousands of sequins and beads, this website is the one stop shop that will turn any guy into a glamazonian queen!

From nothing to nothing but breast, provides breast plates that give men the illusion of real breasts. From a c-cup to a j-cup, which is for the most voluptuous of queens, there is a boob plate that is right for everyone. How much would a pair of life-like boobs cost a new queen? About $650.

By providing America with a place to buy beautiful boobs and flamboyant gowns, Rupaul has done her Miss America duty and has made this nation a better place.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Iowa wrestler forfeits because of gender-based segregation in schools

In Des Moines, Iowa, high school student Joel Northrup forfeited his chance at winning the state’s wrestling tournament. Why would a teen boy in a wrestling-obsessed state forfeit such an exciting chance? He didn’t want to compete against a girl.

For the first time even in Iowa state history, two girls made it to the state tournament this year. One of which, Cassy Herkelman, made it to the one of the final tiers facing Northrup on the mat.

The reasoning behind Northrup’s default was not because of his thoughts that girls should be wrestling, but it was a personal and religious belief that boys and girls shouldn’t be wrestling each other. As the son to a minister of the Believers’ in Grace Ministries, Northrup followed with this statement:

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Cassy and Megan and their accomplishments. However, wrestling is a combat sport and it can get violent at times.”

Can you blame him for his opinion? No!Schools across the US always separate sports by gender. Boy’s Tennis. Girl’s Basketball. Boy’s Swimming. It is not Northrup’s decision that needs to be criticized, but it is the gender-based classification that is happening around the country. The institution of separating men and women is ridiculous and is only perpetuating the inequalities and stereotypes in gender. 

We all have been brainwashed, including Northrup, that boys and girls cannot play sports together. The fact is, it happens all the time on the soccer field down the street and I definitely know I’ve seem some girls wresting some boys while flirting at the park. 

Critics may say that boys are physically shaped different than women and it’s not fair to put them head-to-head. Bullshit. Yeah, there might be different parts downstairs, but athletes that love their sport train so hard that their physicality’s are so similar that they will both be able competitively together. 

Imagine a day when kids try out for basketball, tennis, football, and even wrestling. There is no regard for gender and there are no stereotypes that are thrown in to degrade one group of individuals. That will be the day that good sports will play-out in high schools and situations they that in Iowa will become so archaic, that future generations will be shocked that we split people up by gender. Hmm does that sound familiar? Racial separation. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Suits! No Skin or Sequins!

Are we finally in a time where sex does not need to be the center of fashion in the USA?

In the midst of Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2011 in New York City and it clear that two piece suits and very manly fashions are taking over the runway. We are used to watching models, malnourished and fragile, stroll down the runway in a scrap of fabric revealing a breast, twelve inch heels and sequins glued to a pair of fake lashes. Though the heels and fake lashes are still there, designers have been covering up their models and these models are looking rather empowered as they walk down the runway in fitted suits and jackets.

Classic American designer, Tommy Hilfiger, revealed his new collection yesterday in the main theatre. In a shocking twist to American fashion, the décolleté of none of his models was visible. Of the forty-one different looks that were presented on the runway, each of the models had herself covered all the way up to the neck. As the gateway to the bosoms, the décolleté provides that “appropriate” way for designers to show some skin. Instead of relying on sex and skin to make his collection appealing, Hilfiger has taken the classier approach to promote his line.

Hilfiger has a good understanding of what women want in the winter, to be cute and fashionable, but not freezing. Seriously, do you know anyone that would wear a sleeveless top and knee high skirt in January in the middle of a blizzard? No. Okay, maybe that dancer at Jiggles. Come on designers, yes, even you Marc Jacobs, realize that your wacko obsession with skin is degrading and a complete joke!

Instead of focusing on clothes that are coming down the runway, which you would think should be happening at a fashion show, photographers and audiences focus on the model’s breasts, hoping for a nipple to pop out at the end of the runway. For Hilfiger, it was his patterns, silhouettes, and styling that made his collection a success.

With three days left of New York Fashion Week, our eyes are on the runway to see what other designers have decided to cover up the chest of their models with clothing that is typically so masculine.